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Facility Management – Crude Resources Oil & Gas Limited


Extending operation facilities beyond design life presents safety risks, business risks and operational challenges to the oil and gas industry. These risks affect significant business decisions and need to be quantified and managed as we strive for continuous operations of aging assets.

Our Facility Management Services

* Handyman services :
Our multi-trained technicians takes care of plumbing, carpentry, grease trap maintenance and pest control in the galley, mess and welfare facilities of your offshore unit.

* Radio Operator / Heli-Admin
Our specialist personnel control and support the administration of helicopters, passengers and freight to and from your unit(s).  This includes the management of your reception service as well as the allocation of accommodation, muster stations and lifeboats.

* Offshore waste management
We offer an end-to-end waste management solution managing the process upstream from source minimization to disposal, recycling and/or treatment for a fleet of rigs or platforms.